Thursday, February 21, 2008

Missing in Action

Haven't written in awhile because I've been holed up in Palo Alto feverishly working on one commercial treatment after another and loading up on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" episodes and running in between bouts of rain. Tomorrow Jade and I make our way over the Grapevine and back to LA. We're starting to become deficient in vitamin D so it's definitely time for some Socal sun. And who knows, now that the strike is over, perhaps I will finally hook that agent that's going to make me a screenwriting star.

[Alert: Mom, if you're reading this stop now because you've asked not to know when this next event is going to occur... Seriously, stop reading.] One thing's for sure, in two weekends my ass will be jumping from a plane just like the old farts Nicholson and Freeman in "Bucket List," a film I washed down with bubbly at the drive-in on Valentine's Day. Watching them leap sent vomit signals to my stomach, but I sucked it up and kept my eye on the prize... a total adventure worth every ounce of anxiety and 200 hard earned dollars. Until then, I'm just going to keep reminding myself that life is about taking chances and chances are, you'll have one hell of a time.