Monday, May 4, 2009

Bea Sting

I'm distraught. I'm totally down-and-out. I could use a shot of whiskey. Why? Because my beautiful Bea Arthur has left this world and gone back to the nature from hence she came. When I heard she passed away last week I was driving on the 10 freeway, and my utter shock and profound grief nearly caused an accident. Bea was part of my comedy trinity.

1.) Lucille Ball
2.) Bea Arthur
3.) Tina Fey

First Lucy, then Bea, and now it's down to Tina to hold it together. Have you gotten your annual checkup, Tina? Mammogram? Swine Flu vaccine? These three ladies make me want to be a better comedian. A better writer. A better loony dame.

I still watch "Golden Girls" and vehemently contend that it's one of the best shows ever written and performed. The ladies from "Sex and the City" owe it all to Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia. But Dorothy was always my favorite. She was me, only taller and with gray hair. Sarcastic, cunning, witty, cynical. What a lady. You'll be sorely missed, my dear. Every time I hear a bass toned cackle of laughter floating on the breeze, I'll know it's your spirit having a laugh at my expense.