Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Domino's Tosses Cardboard out the Window

I have to tell you about my new gastronomical obsession. As you've all seen on TV, Domino's has a new ad campaign aimed at airing out their dirty laundry. In the commercials they admit to cardboard crust and ketch-up like sauce, then discuss how they've bettered their recipes. I say bravo to anyone who actively seeks out constructive criticism, admits to their faults and then bravely works at improving them. And what a great theme for the New Year.

But what I love most of all is their new website where you can place your order then follow your pizzas in real time as they make their way from oven to quality check to the delivery boy's '89 Corolla. This "Tracker" device is inspired. My boyfriend treated us to two pies (only $5.99 a piece for 2 toppings) the other night in celebration of the NFL Playoffs. We oogled the screen in delight and surprise as our tasty slabs went from Prep to Bake. He was even able to contact the delivery boy directly to ask for Ranch dressing on the side. Isn't technology great!

You may think I'm making too big a deal out of this. But trust me, the end result was tasty and nothing like their old product. Now it's time to find a new pizza company to make fun of. Those awful Papa John's commercials are a good place to start...